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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Card making "funk" - And Sharing Some Garden Pics

Well, it's happened again ....

I've developed a temporary allergy to stamps, ink and glue! LOL

OK, well of course I'm exaggerating, but the truth is that with all this gorgeous weather finally here, I've been spending more time playing with dirt than I have with paper & ink.

I'm not lucky enough to live in an area where I get to plant to my heart's content year-round, or see beautiful blooms all the time. So Spring is always a busy time for me to re-arrange plants, buy new ones, and plant annuals to add instant colour to my landscape. I also tackle "mini" landscape jobs to add more "space" for me to plant more flowers - currently, I'm laying a small flagstone walkway from our back iron gate, curving around to the basement entrance.

So this means that making cards has taken a back seat - for now! And that means that this little ole blog gets neglected - again!

So I thought I'd share some pics of my recent "visitors" to my garden ... those flowers currently in bloom that are hoarding all my free time on weekends and when I get home from work.

My roses, irises and Veronicas are not yet blooming - while my rhododendrons & azaleas are almost done!

My only wish is that your screen could have a "scratch & sniff" option for my yellow tree peony - the scent is A-MAZING!!!

Is there anything prettier than a beautiful flower in full bloom?


Thanks for your visit today!


  1. Oh I'm wishing for that scratch and sniff option, too, Susi! But I love Peonies so much, I can smell them on demand from my aroma-memories! Gorgeous, my friend ... hope you got my message on Facebook =] xx

  2. It's Spring, so I can understand why your gardening has taken over cardmaking. And it's paid off - your flowers are gorgeous and I'm sure your entire garden is breathtaking! Yes, too bad the internet doesn't have the "smell" option! lol

    I like your updated blog photo!!

  3. Beautiful photos from your garden Susi! Oh I wish we had a longer growing season than we do but it is always so nice to tackle the garden in the spring. This year is a bit of figuring out what the previous owners left in ours for us. We have a spot perfect for peonies so we will be planting some in there this year for sure.

  4. Such gorgeous pictures of your beautiful blooms, Susi ... I'm imagining the lovely scent being released as you waft past all the loveliness in your garden! Hugs, Anita :)


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