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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Porch "Urn"

Just a quick post to show off this lovely urn that I completed today for the middle of our front porch for the coming holidays.

Normally I do a very "elegant" urn, in brown/gold tones to match our stone front home, but this year I decided I wanted to do something fun & whimsical (which is VERY unlike me).

I have 2 iron urns - the ones you normally see dressed up at this time of year with winter greenery/decor - but decided I wanted to use them to adorn either side of our front door with small-ish lighted Christmas trees (fake).

So I was on the hunt for an idea of adding a bit of Christmas flair to the front of our house, and where else should I seek this inspiration but on PINTEREST??? That website eats up my spare time like it never existed ... oh wait, it doesn't exist! :-)

I saw this Pin that I thought was a lovely idea for a table centrepiece -

My only problem was that I needed it on a larger scale so that it could easily be seen by the street, so I went on the hunt for a metal 5-gallon pail. What I found instead was an old medium-sized metal garbage can, that was a little bit worse for wear (and years), but in my opinion, the dents only added to the can's "character".

Three coats of Apple Red high gloss paint, a belt found after scouring all the local shops/thrift shops, and VOILA!!! My porch urn came to life and now sits proudly in the middle of our porch.

I absolutely LOVE IT!!! What do you think?

I'm now ready for the holidays. Bring on the SNOW! :-)

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