My name is Susi and I live just outside the Toronto area with my amazing husband, 2 Irish Setters and 1 ornery cat. Together we have 3 wonderful grown children and 2 active Grandkids.

I spend time in my craft room creating handmade cards after work and on weekends when I can. I'm also an avid reader and love to spend time gardening.

I was never into art or crafts while growing up, so when a friend tried to get me into cardmaking years back, I initially declined. On a whim, I agreed to join her and a friend to create a Valentine's Day card for my DH, and there began my love of ink, rubber and paper. Thankfully, I think I have come a long way from that first card (I've kept it, but have often thought to throw it out). I'm enthralled by all the techniques and tips and beautiful cards shared by all those talented people who enjoy this hobby.

I am lucky enough to have wonderful friends who share my passion for cardmaking, and we try to get together monthly for some "girl time".

I'm new to blogging, so hang in there with me as I become more comfortable with experience and add more posts to my blog.

I know how valuable and precious time is, so know that I am extremely grateful that you have decided to visit my blog. I have found that the cardmaking "family" is extraordinarily generous and so inspirational. I hope somewhere on my blog you see something that makes you smile or inspires your creativity as so many have done for me.

Wishing you an "Ink-Creatable" day!

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